New head of cabinet for commissioner
The Dealer
The European Commissioner for Agriculture is on the look out for a new head of cabinet.
13 December 2023 News
Commissioner defends trade deals with EU output to fall
The defence comes as lower EU farm production is expected over the coming decade amid tightening environmental and animal welfare rules for farmers.
13 December 2023 News
Commissioner floats idea of third pillar in next CAP
The EU's farm commissioner sees the need for further CAP funds beyond 2027, particularly for dealing with farm sector crises.
Commission has a vision for farming, but has it the money?
The EU's agricultural outlook conference showed the Commission is on a journey of understanding about the need to support food production in a time of instability, but is it too little too late?
13 December 2023 Dealer
EU needs to tackle concentrating land ownership - Commissioner
European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski wants more supports for small farmers and a mandatory cap on direct payments, which is already in play in Ireland.
11 December 2023 News
EU blames Australia for no trade deal
Blame game begins as the EU and Australia fail to wrap up trade deal despite positive signals in advance.
31 October 2023 News