Irish factories would benefit from transparency, as well as farmers
Phelim O'Neill
The level of information on beef beyond the farm gate has meant that US beef factories can credibly push back against the charges made by the Biden administration.
5 January 2022 News
Biden blasts US meat factories
President Biden and Agriculture Secretary Vilsack attack the UK meat processing industry for squeezing farmers and independent competition, exploiting workers and increasing consumer prices.
15 September 2021 News
Biden cracks down on meat factories
US administration puts the spotlight on US meat factories as prices soar in the retail sector.
US Secretary of Agriculture to address ASA conference
The high-profile American politician joins an impressive lineup of national and international speakers.
30 August 2021 News
Biden hesitant on US-UK trade talks
A senior official from the United States Department of Agriculture has said the Biden administration has not made its priorities clear for trade deal.
10 February 2021 News
My Farming Week: Kieran Flatley, Glann, Kilkelly, Co Mayo
The new president of the Irish Shorthorn Society has big ambitions for the future of the breed.
27 January 2021 News
Return of US to Paris climate accord is hugely important
The return of the US to the Paris climate accord will help accelerate the development of new decarbonising technologies that will benefit the planet.
New US president, similar policy on agriculture
The new US administration is likely to have a softer tone, but similar overall policies to the Trump presidency.
20 January 2021 Global trade
Tom Vilsack – a man with unfinished business
As Tom Vilsack returns to the White House as US secretary for agriculture, we look back on an exclusive interview with the Irish Farmers Journal in 2014.
20 January 2021 Global trade