Factories forced to pay €5/kg for lamb
Darren Carty
Factory quotes have increased again by 5c/kg to 10c/kg for Thursday with a growing percentage of sellers now securing €5/kg.
1 March 2017 News
Clean sheep policy lacks detail
A new Department of Agriculture clean livestock policy for sheep has been published but does not contain a visual guide.
7 September 2016 Schemes
First view of new sheep scheme
See the first view of proposed measures under the new sheep scheme put forward to Brussels for approval.
Meeting on new €10 sheep payment
IFA officials meet with Department officials to discuss the new sheep support scheme.
1 June 2016 News
€1,125 for KT beef and sheep discussion groups
Farmers will be allowed to draw down payments under sheep and beef discussion groups according to IFA sheep chairman John Lynskey.
20 January 2016 News
Push for €20 ewe payment in 2016
There is growing demand for a sheep support payment, with the IFA calling for a €20 per ewe payment.
22 December 2015 News
€5/kg on the horizon for lambs
Kepak Athleague has raised its base quote to €4.85/kg this week, edging prices closer to a target of €5/kg.
18 November 2015 Markets
Signs of stability and strengthening in trade
While quotes remain unchanged, there are early signs of more demand in the trade for lamb and price stability.
3 June 2015 Markets
Positive outlook for EU sheep markets
The EU commission gave a positive outlook for the sheep industry in 2014. They expect prices to rise by 2.1% as production drops by 1.8%.
28 May 2014 News
Wicklow sheep terrorised by dogs
Another January, another spate of attacks on sheep flocks by stray dogs.
22 January 2014 News
Dealer round up of this week's farming issues
Dealer round up: Farmers take action to cut rural crime and witty remarks at IFA agm dinner.
15 January 2014 Dealer
Dog attacks kill or injure up to 4,000 sheep per year
New statistics from the IFA show that 300 to 400 dog attacks take place per annum with an average of 11 sheep killed or injured in each attack.
30 November -0001 News