Dairying in South Africa
John Shirley
The Stark farm has developed efficient non-grass milk farming in South Africa, but costs and competition are putting pressure on the operation.
Growing a dairy business German style
How German farmers get cows to generate milk despite their antipathy to grazing.
18 February 2015 World
Australia is flying fresh milk to China
An Australian firm is now exporting fresh milk for sale on the Chinese market.
Gary Jones clipper extraordinaire
John Shirley talks to Gary Jones to catch up on where his cattle clipping career has brought him.
22 December 2014 Pedigree extra
Choosing sires for pedigree herds
John Shirley explores the number of pedigree calves on the ground in each breed by sire to see what bloodlines pedigree breeders are leaning towards.
22 December 2014 Pedigree extra
Letter: Sadness over Department comments on SIU
Letter to Editor from John Shirley in reply to Department of Agriculture comment on SIU.
15 October 2014 Letters
Farmer writes: Magpies, scanning and bonding
John Shirley discusses magpies, scanning litter rates and a ram and horse that became best friends.
14 January 2014 Farmer Writes
Farmer writes: Cost of vaccinating - is it worth is?
John Shirley weighs up the cost of using anti-clostridia vaccines, especially when you are buying in small volumes.
30 November -0001 Farmer Writes
Farmer writes: Dealing with a paralysed lamb
No matter how long I have been around sheep there’s always something new coming at me.
30 November -0001 Farmer Writes
Farmer writes: A lot of cattlemen cannot stand the sight of sheep
This week John Shirley delves further into the pros and cons of grazing sheep and cattle together.
30 November -0001 Farmer Writes
Farmer writes: The signs are that breeding ewes will be scarcer this year
John Shirley outlines why he expects breeding ewes to be scarce this year and why this scarcity will drive prices up to €180 a head.
30 November -0001 Farmer Writes
Charolais Cattle: 50 years in Ireland
John Shirley recounts the history of the Charolais cattle breed since their introduction into Ireland in the 60's.
30 November -0001 Pedigree