Farmer Writes: 30% of the fodder target in the yard
Tommy Moyles
After passing the halfway point in the open season for spreading fertiliser, I’ve never spread so little, writes Tommy Moyles.
10 November 2021 News
Knowledge Transfer: 19,000 farmers and €750 payment rate
A budget of €71.1m has been proposed for Knowledge Transfer groups in the next CAP, from 2023 to 2027.
20 October 2021 News
Over €71m for KT and €36m for EIPs
There will be a farm safety training element to the new KT scheme.
Teagasc ‘remains committed to suckler beef farmers’
A new Knowledge Transfer programme for suckler farmers will be introduced this year spanning the 12 Teagasc advisory regions.
13 October 2021 News
Teagasc income fell by over €6m last year
The latest annual report shows that Teagasc took a significant financial hit last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
28 September 2021 News
‘Priority for dairy KT is economic sustainability’ - Patton
The new head of the dairy knowledge transfer will attend the Moorepark open day next week.
9 September 2021 News
CAP 2023-2027: knowledge transfer groups making a comeback
Areas of focus in the new knowledge transfer programme include biodiversity, water, climate change, animal welfare and farm management including financial management and succession planning.
2 August 2021 News
Farm Finance: new Forestry Knowledge Transfer Scheme opened for 2020
The scheme offers a maximum payment of €490 for participants who did not partake in the scheme in 2018 or 2019 and attend a programme of seven meetings or events.
27 May 2020 Forestry
What payments should you have received?
The Department has issued up to €1.7bn in payments to farmers across 10 schemes in 2019.
24 December 2019 Schemes
Knowledge Transfer a multimillion euro loss for farmers
The Knowledge Transfer programme ended in July and provided farmers with a payment up to €1,225.
16 October 2019 Schemes
Combining hill sheep production and environmental management
There was a packed agenda at the recent Teagasc sheep farm walk on the farm of John F O'Sullivan at Eyeries on the Beara peninsula as everything from sheep breeding to land management was covered.
9 October 2019 Management
Advisers call for extension of Knowledge Transfer programme
The Agricultural Consultants Association has called for the KT programme to be extended and for its members to be provided with a structured training programme.
7 October 2019 News