Moving on in the IFA
The Dealer
The Dealer spotted that Pat Farrell has left IFA, while pig farmer Shane McAuliffe is also moving around the houses.
19 May 2021 News
Our wildflower seeds do not contain blackgrass – Keelings
Keelings is currently running a major new initiative to spread 1m wildflower seeds
27 February 2021 News
No Covid exemption for seasonal agricultural workers
Workers, such as fruit pickers, will be required to have a COVID-19 test and a two week quarantine.
Fruit pickers escape coronavirus clusters
After a great deal of controversy surrounding the entry of fruit pickers from Bulgaria, it appears there have been no virus outbreaks in the horticulture sector.
29 June 2020 News
Transport snags for job-seeking fruit pickers
Less than 20% of local candidates remained in the recruitment stage of the Government fruit pickers scheme.
15 June 2020 News
The Big Dealer: Watch the mouse now lads: new mart lingo takes hold
Taoiseach on direct payments, supporting essential workers, roosters cause ructions, TDs argue over tourism capital and much more in this week's The Big Dealer.
9 May 2020 Dealer
Lack of eligible workers for Keelings jobs
While there was controversy over Keeling's flying in workers to pick fruit last month, it appears that not enough people on these shores are eligible to do the job.
6 May 2020 Dealer
The Big Dealer: strawberries can't be picked from home
Strawberry fields, crude oil prices, Coolmore purchase, rush on weanlings, IFA contacts members and much more in this week's The Big Dealer.
25 April 2020 Dealer
Strawberries can’t be picked from home
Power of common sense not prophecy on Keelings would have gone a long way with the Taoiseach’s comments.
22 April 2020 Dealer
Government 'hadn’t envisioned' hundreds of seasonal workers - Taoiseach
Last week, fruit grower Keelings was forced to defend its move to fly in workers to pick fruit. Amy Forde and Hannah Quinn Mulligan report.
20 April 2020 News
Horticulture recruitment drive to begin
The debate over Keelings workers flying in from abroad has led to a new move by the Government.
17 April 2020 News
Keelings defends flying workers to Ireland
The company has been met with some criticism after flying workers in to help with the harvest during lockdown.
17 April 2020 News