"Rev It Up" fundraiser for the Irish Kidney Association
Katie Barragry
Bree Vintage Club are holding a "Rev it Up" fundraiser for the Irish Kidney Association
1 April 2020 Health
A life-transforming transplant
A kidney donated by his mother Mary, transformed Eamon Ryan’s life. He now has more energy than he ever realised possible and is using it wisely on the farm, writes Anne O’Donoghue
23 May 2018 Health
Dialysis and farming patients
Margaret Hawkins talks to two Wexford farmers whose lives have been transformed by a long-awaited dialysis unit opening in their county.
Sister Act: Our transplant story
Ahead of Organ Donor Awareness Week, sisters Maggie and Bernie Quinn share their transplant story, writes Maria Moynihan.
28 March 2018 Features
Meet father and son - and organ recipient and donor - Liam and Darren Martin
To mark Organ Donor Awareness Week, we meet father and son Liam and Darren Martin, who share an extraordinary bond - in more ways than one, writes Maria Moynihan.
30 March 2016 Features
Life on dialysis for one Irish farmer
What happens when three kidney transplants haven’t worked and going to hospital for dialysis several times a week is a tedious trek? Margaret Hawkins speaks to 42-year-old farmer Stephen Lott
13 January 2016 Health
Brendan McArdle - The gift that keeps giving
What better present can you give than the gift of life? Brendan McArdle, gave his brother Colin a kidney find out what this extraordinary gift meant to them both
16 October 2013 Health
Kidney transplants - Giving the gift of life
Margaret Hawkins speaks to two Sligo people who received kidney transplants that have given them their lives back
9 October 2013 Health
Bibliocook: Autumnal offal meals
Bibliocook blogger Caroline Hennessy recalls one of her favourite childhood meals; lamb's liver with cider and bacon.
30 November -0001 Blog