Tail docking: keeping it short and neat
Darren Carty
Darren Carty reviews management practices, such as tail docking, castration and selecting potential replacements at lambing.
Tackling nematodirus and coccidiosis in young lambs
Frank Hynes of Teagasc gives advice on preventing and controlling nematodirus and coccidiosis, which can cause high levels of lamb mortality and poor thrive in young lambs.
15 February 2017 Lambing
Is outdoor lambing on the cards again?
The mild winter and favourable grass growth has led some flock owners to ask if outdoor lambing is a viable option.
Hygiene and colostrum – key to fighting watery mouth
Donegal vet Nick Garvey outlines how to keep watery mouth and joint ill at bay. Peter Varley reports.
27 February 2016 Lambing
Triplet-suckling ewes and cross-fostering
Other articles have covered artificial rearing, but ewes suckling triplet-born lambs is also an option, as is cross-fostering.
10 February 2016 Lambing
Relentless weather making life difficult
Prolonged wet weather and poor underfoot conditions are limiting normal turnout of ewes and lambs.
10 February 2016 Lambing
Another good year for in-lamb yearling hoggets
Scanning operators report high litter sizes in in-lamb ewe lambs, highlighting the importance of an adequate feeding programme.
10 February 2016 Lambing
Sheep farming management notes
This week's notes cover listeriosis, advice on getting through current weather difficulties and touches on lambing aids.
10 February 2016 Management
Ewe colostrum delivers higher lamb performance
Recent research shows lambs who received ewe colostrum performing better than lambs that received a colostrum alternative as their only colostrum source.
10 February 2016 Lambing
Preparation is key to positive lambing performance
Putting well-thought out preparations in place is central to unlocking the potential of higher litter sizes and experiencing a positive lambing season.
10 February 2016 Lambing
Sheep Farming Management Notes
This week's sheep farming management notes cover concentrate supplementation, administering a clostridial dissease vaccine, soil sampling and help for farmers at lambing time.
3 February 2016 Management
New device stops ewes going on their backs
The Anti-roll clamp, marketed by Cormac Sheep Equipment prevents ewes going on their backs.
11 February 2015 Lambing