My daughter wants us to pay for her post-Leaving Cert holiday
Ask Miriam
Dear Miriam, my daughter wants us to pay for her post-Leaving Cert holiday
New Leaving Cert climate action subject must be ‘taught objectively’
A new Leaving Certificate subject to help students learn about climate action and sustainable development must contain factual information and not target farmers, says the IFA.
29 March 2022 News
Leaving Cert students to take subject in climate action
Fifth- and sixth-year students are set to learn more about climate action and sustainability as part of a new Leaving Certificate programme.
Students believe there will be more women farming in next five years
Only 72% of the students participating in an Agri Aware survey believed farming was a male-dominated profession and 27% perceived it as evenly represented.
9 March 2022 News
Transition Year Show comes to Limerick this March
Students will have the chance to visit many exhibitions and stands from various third-level institutions, attend talks and much more, writes Ilka Denker.
22 February 2022 News
56% increase in female students studying agricultural science for Leaving Cert
More and more female secondary school students are deciding to study agricultural science.
20 February 2022 News
Leaving Cert 2022: what is really best for Irish students?
With the announcement that this year’s Leaving Certificate examinations will return to pre-pandemic sit-down format, Janine Kennedy explores who will benefit most from this decision.
16 February 2022 Education
Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo
While the good of sporting endeavours may be a welcome reprieve from negativity, the rising cost of living and violence in rural Ireland are truly the bad and the ugly, writes Amii McKeever.
16 February 2022 Amii
Leaving Cert ag science exam date announced
The 2022 Leaving Cert agricultural science paper is on late in the play as usual, taking place almost two weeks after the first exam begins.
9 February 2022 News
The son and heir – part 1
In this the first of a three part series, a mother writes of the impact her sons alcoholism has wreaked on their family.
26 January 2022 Features
43% jump in Leaving Cert higher level ag science students
Since 2011, higher level agricultural science students have received the lowest or second-lowest average points a total of eight times.
31 December 2021 News
Christmas turkeys with Feighcullen’s family farm flock
From flocks to factories with a family focus, the Grays are doing things their own way on Feighcullen Farm, writes Anne O’Donoghue
8 December 2021 Features