European Parliament agri committee debates EU agriculture after Brexit
Phelim O'Neill
No-deal Brexit will cost the EU food and drink industry €6bn, with €1.5bn of that cost carried by Ireland.
6 June 2020 Dealer
The Big Dealer: Hogan could be on the move again
Commissioner on the move, incredible burger battle, Embrace FARM annual service, calf raffle, hosepipe ban and more in this week's The Big Dealer.
24 July 2019 News
Farm payments safe in event of CAP delay – Hogan
European Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan has said that in the event of the CAP not being finalised by next year, farm payments will be safe.
New MEPs stick with full flattening of CAP payments
MEPs of the European Parliament’s agriculture committee met on Tuesday to decide on how to proceed with the CAP reform process.
23 July 2019 News
McGuinness, Carthy and Flanagan return to European committee on agriculture
There are a number of familiar Irish faces on the European Parliament committee on agriculture.
4 July 2019 News
Elections 2019: Flanagan, Carthy and Walsh elected
The final count of the Midlands-Northwest constituency has ended.
29 May 2019 News
Elections 2019: Ireland steers left, Europe veers right
The centre mostly held in the European elections, but the right made gains across Europe. Ireland, in contrast, saw the left make gains.
29 May 2019 News
The Big Dealer: Ming robbing Peter to pay Paul
Ming's 'delivery', Beef Plan Movement support, illegal farm in Brazil and more in this week's Big Dealer.
17 May 2019 Dealer
Ming proudly robbing Peter to pay Paul
A proposal for full payments convergence cleared a first hurdle in the European Parliament, and one candidate is already claiming credit
15 May 2019 Dealer
Listen: pay farmers to sequester carbon – ‘Ming’ Flanagan
The idea of farmers providing a public good has got to come into the next Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Luke 'Ming' Flanagan has said.
27 February 2019 News
Irish MEPs don't back agri-food trade deals
The European Parliament held votes on Free Trade Agreements between the EU and two markets; Japan and Singapore, recently.
20 February 2019 Dealer
Majority of Irish MEPs fail to back free trade deal with Singapore
Irish exports to Singapore are valued at €863m and it is a buyer of whey and milk powder.
15 February 2019 News