Lakeland looking for new CEO
The Dealer
The Dealer spotted that Lakeland Dairies is looking for a replacement to Michael Hanley.
15 May 2022 News
Lakeland team looking for a new leader
The success of the dairy industry in the northern half of the country is hand and glove with Lakeland Dairies success as it fuels rural Ireland.
11 May 2022 News
Lakeland Dairies CEO to retire this December
Michael Hanley will leave Lakeland Dairies after a career spanning 36 years with the co-operative.
Lakeland asked to reconsider milk price penalties
Shareholders at the Lakeland Dairies AGM called for proposed new rules on milk pricing to be revisited and discussed among suppliers.
4 May 2022 News
Good Lakeland financials but confusion remains on future
Lakeland Dairies has just announced its financial results for 2021. After a period of huge growth, the business is reaping the rewards of buoyant global dairy markets.
13 April 2022 Company finances
Lakeland peak penalty hitting vulnerable suppliers
Lakeland Co-op peak penalty on summer milk is causing anger and frustration among suppliers in the northwest and midlands.
6 April 2022 News
Lakeland launches scheme to manage peak milk
The Lakeland scheme will apply a deduction of 3p/l on "new milk" starting in 2023.
30 March 2022 News
Lakeland moves to introduce peak penalty
Lakeland Dairies has just announced details of a new milk pricing model with a peak penalty as processing capacity in the co-op is limited now.
30 March 2022 News