Monday management: high growth rates, stemmy grass and cutting silage
Aidan Brennan
With such high growth rates, some farmers are finding that cows are going through after-grass paddocks very fast. Aidan Brennan outlines his advice for managing high growth rates.
30 November -0001 Management
Monday management: Grazing paddocks and spreading
Grazing conditions couldn’t be better across the country. With little or no rain for the past seven days, cows are doing a really good job at cleaning out paddocks.
30 November -0001 Management
Monday management: Remember the basics of grass budgeting
Monitor your grass situation closely and take action when needed, writes dairy specialist Aidan Brennan.
Monday management: Magic day at last as grass growth reaches normal rates
The welcome increase in temperatures over the past five days has led to a sharp increase in grass growth. Growth rates for the Grass+ farmers are coming back at between 30 and 50kg/ha/day.
30 November -0001 Management
Monday management: Weaning calves and spreading fertilizer
Grass growth rates appear to be holding up well across the country, with the average of our Grass+ farms that have measured over the past few days coming back at around 50kg ha/day.
30 November -0001 Management
Monday management: Controlling demand and the start of breeding season
Exceptionally warm, sunny and dry weather is driving growth rates on many farms up towards 80kg and 90kg per day and in some cases over 100kg/day.
30 November -0001 Management
Monday management: Will the cold snap affect grass growth?
What impact will the cold snap have on grass growth rates? Dairy specialist Aidan Brennan has the answer.
30 November -0001 Management
Monday management: soil temperatures, grazing and spreading
Warmer temperatures are helping to lift grass growth rates throughout the country, with many of our Grass+ farmers recording growth rates in the mid-teens.
30 November -0001 Grass & feeding
Monday management: Update on dairy host farm performance
Aidan Brennan checks in with three final year Professional Diploma in Dairy Farm Management students for an update on their host farm performance and a preview of the jobs planned for the week ahead.
30 November -0001 News
Monday management: time to get grazing for those on drier soils
With no rain in the forecast for most of the country until Friday at the earliest, this week represents the first chance for many to get out into the fields.
30 November -0001 Grass & feeding
Monday management: dealing with retained cleanings
There are many reasons for a cow to retain her cleanings and it is important to know when you are dealing with a larger problem than just an individual cow.
30 November -0001 Management
Monday management: Making the most of the good weather
On what is undoubtedly the best day of the year so far, all attention on dairy farms is turning to the fields.
30 November -0001 Management