New tyre rules raise the penalty points factor
Michael Moroney
There are new Fixed Charge Notice (FCN) offences for motorists who drive with defective or worn tyres on their vehicle.
18 May 2016 Motoring
June will herald the 162 bargain offers
Car companies are already getting ready for a mid-year sales battle as they prepare for the 162 registration phase at the end of June.
18 May 2016 Motoring
How much does your car really cost?
We include a three-year running cost table with each car test report featured in the Irish Farmers Journal Country Living motoring page and many car owners can find these figures frightening.
Prepare for 162 market offers
The 162 car market is getting exciting as car companies prepare to make more appealing offers to keep the market as buoyant as it has been since the start of 2016.
18 May 2016 Motoring
More Skodas getting towbar treatment
Skoda has confirmed that 22% (1,375) of its retail customers fitted genuine Skoda towing systems (tow bar and electrical harness kit) to their vehicles last year.
18 May 2016 Motoring
Safe trailer-towing with the farm car
Not all farmers have a 4x4 and most still use a car and trailer for general duties around the farm.
18 May 2016 Motoring