Food for the body and soul
Never before has food had such fundamental importance in our lives, comforting us, nourishing us and soothing us in challenging times.
Train right and get the right nutrition – couldn’t be simpler!
Love Island winner and rugby 7s international Greg O’Shea talks to James Taylor about rugby, exercise and the role of milk in his diet.
11 July 2018 News
Ciara's Country Flavours: Ireland's liquid gold
Liquid gold. John McKenna talks to Ciara Leahy about why we should be marketing Irish milk as the champagne of dairy.
More to food labelling than meets the eye
Consumers who think that they are buying Irish should take a second look, the IFA warns in its new labelling awareness campaign. Amy Forde reports.
13 December 2017 News
Fairness for farmers and honesty for consumers?
Perhaps the first step should be for farmers to ask for their images to be removed from retail stores that are engaged in practices which confuse the customer as to the origin of the product.
13 December 2017 Editorial
New NDC dairy campaign to reach modern millennials and tomorrow's mums
How well does the dairy sector understand modern millennials and tomorrow’s mums? It’s a question Zoe Kavanagh, chief executive of the National Dairy Council (NDC,) aims to answer with a new campaign
8 November 2017 Features
Quality milk standards improve
National quality milk standards for somatic cell count are improving year-on-year, writes Jack Kennedy.
11 October 2017 Breeding & health
Progress being made reflected in quality awards
Fat and protein concentrations are increasing as a result of better breeding decisions and more grass in the diet.
4 October 2017 Editorial
The power of two
The famous farm boys from Co Louth, Rob and Dave Kearney, join the lineup at this year’s Women & Agriculture Conference. And they’re an act not to be missed
4 October 2017 Features
Irish dairy at it's best
With the winners of the NDC Quality Milk Awards set to be announced, Clodagh McKenna adds some culinary creativeness to the best of Irish dairy, writes Ciara Leahy.
27 September 2017 Features
You have to eat at the Ploughing too, you know?
There’s no need for too big a breakfast ahead of Ploughing 2017 as the food offering is sure to set many mouths watering, writes Ciara Leahy.
17 September 2017 Ploughing Championships
National Cheese Week recipes
National Cheese Week runs from 5 to 9 June 2017 and we have some oozing recipes to impress, writes Ciara Leahy.
7 June 2017 Recipes