Folklore: the secret pleasure of new potatoes
Folklorist Shane Lehane waxes lyrical on his secret pleasure: new potatoes
21 June 2022 Recipes
Potato pancakes a great way to use leftover mash
Janine Kennedy makes these potato pancakes a little bit differently each time, depending on what flavours are on hand.
7 June 2022 Recipes
Summery salad with crispy smashed new potatoes
This is the kind of food I love eating during the summer months, writes Janine Kennedy.
A life-giving frittata is what we all need after the bank holiday
This frittata is cheesy and filling, but still full of good-for-you stuff, writes Janine Kennedy
3 May 2022 Recipes
Traditional German potato salad with Thien Laitenberger
14-year-old Thien Laitenberger has a love for Irish ingredients and cooking - he shares recipes on his YouTube channel and on Instagram. Today, he shares his secret recipe for German potato salad.
5 April 2022 Recipes