Angus premium slashed
John Sleigh
Aberdeen Angus premium falls as increased numbers come to market, John Sleigh reports.
18 October 2017 News
Watch: milk solids payment system right for NI
The Irish Farmers Journal and Ulster Farmers' Union held a conference in Portadown last week to discuss milk pricing in NI.
13 September 2017 Pig
Pig prices reported to IFA w/c 11/09/2017
The 4c/kg reduction in pig prices was followed through by both Staunton’s and Dawn Pork and Bacon last Friday to fall in line with the rest of processors.
The path to pound euro parity – what would it mean for farmers?
With talk of euro-sterling parity before the end of the year, it could hit farmers' pockets as our single largest market takes almost half of Ireland’s agri food exports.
27 August 2017 News
Labour shortage a problem across agriculture industry
Labour is not just an issue for agri food processors, but for some farms as well.
16 August 2017 News
Milk league: summer butter beats protein for June
Processors reacted as predicted to positive summer market signals, with most increasing prices.
2 August 2017 Markets
NI milk prices up 53% in 12 months
From the lows of 2016, NI milk prices are now up over 50%, writes Kieran Mailey.
26 July 2017 News
Action needed on competition in beef sector
IFA livestock chair Angus Woods has said that the lack of price competition in the beef sector must be tackled.
19 July 2017 Community
Pig prices reported to IFA w/c 26/06/2017
Irish pig price remains stable, but deals being done with processors for higher prices.
28 June 2017 Pig
Scope to review kill charges in NI
Fewer parts of the beef carcase will be going for rendering as a result of NI achieving BSE negligible risk status last week.
31 May 2017 News
ABP hits English farmers with new penalties
Farmers in England supplying cattle to the Larry Goodman-owned ABP Group will be hit with penalties for cattle over 420kg.
24 May 2017 News
Dairy payment scheme deadline next week
Applications and supporting evidence for the Small Dairy Farmers Scheme must be received by the Rural Payments Agency by midnight on Wednesday.
24 May 2017 News