$16.7bn plant-based protein market here to stay
Siobhán Walsh
There is huge potential for Ireland to supply protein to the plant-based food market.
4 January 2023 News
Farmers divided on entering Tillage Incentive Scheme
What the 103 tillage farmers who took part in the survey had to say about the Tillage Incentive Scheme and protein crops.
14 December 2022 News
Tillage payments start to roll
Farmers growing tillage crops under schemes are set for a number of payments this week and next week.
Minister should fear for tillage sector’s future as farmers do
It is clear that farmers outside of the tillage sector are wondering how farmers will continue to stay in tillage as payments decline.
27 November 2022 News
New Irish app to geo tag your photos for CAP payments
A new app has been launched by Irish developers and it should make inspection of some schemes easier.
15 November 2022 News
EU cereals down 6.8% on 2021
Cereal production in the EU was down in 2022, mainly due to the impact of heat and drought on maize yields in particular.
21 September 2022 News
News round-up: protein crops and bracken
Weekly round-up of news from the farming industry in Northern Ireland.
14 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Tillage stakeholders meet to decide on proposals for Minister
A proposal is due to be sent to Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue in the coming days which will make suggestions on how to increase the tillage area in this country.
28 July 2022 News