Australia is flying fresh milk to China
An Australian firm is now exporting fresh milk for sale on the Chinese market.
28 January 2015 World
Dry Australian beef industry faces sunnier times
Rebecca Jennings reports from Queensland Australia on the severe drought affecting farming in the region.
15 January 2014 News
Frost froze crop potential - Letter from New South Wales
While the world enjoyed a good grain harvest Bruce Watson reports that frost in parts of eastern Australia last October adversely affected flowering and yield potential in his wheat.
Farmer writes: Showing is a great pastime but should it have so much influence?
This week Nuffield scholar Tommy Moyles visits with a sugar producer in Queensland and reflects on factors in beef production.
30 November -0001 Grass & feeding
Drought conditions continuing in Australia
Australian farmers expecting the worse seeking aid as drought to continue into December.
30 November -0001 World