From a day job to award nominations in Holland, meet musician Lynn Campbell
Naomi Hamilton-O'Donnell
After a five-minute TV clip gave Lynn Campbell the inspiration for an album, she is now topping radio polls and working with Garth Brooks’ lead guitarist. Naomi Hamilton-O'Donnell writes.
8 February 2023 Features
Reader Writes: Love is in the air (waves)
When you are an avid radio listener, love is always in the air, writes Kate Durrant.
11 January 2023 Features
Rising rural musicians: David James
In the second part of our series highlighting young musicians from rural areas, Naomi Hamilton-O’Donnell speaks to country singer David James about his experience.
The Treasure Vox is a small business dealing in life stories
Karen Tompkins turned her journalistic skillset into a meaningful business she calls The Treasure Vox, in which life stories are recorded.
28 December 2022 Features
Damien's Diary: sentimental heifers riding the radio waves
Damien O'Reilly recalls his start in radio in the late 1990s, at Shannonside/Northern Sound, and some of his notable experiences reading the farming news and covering elections.
2 November 2022 Damien O'Reilly
On air with Game On presenter Marie Crowe
Presenter of 2FM’s Game On, Marie Crowe, chats to Anne O’Donoghue about getting into sports broadcasting and the lie-of-the-land for women’s sport
12 October 2022 Features