'Real money' must back Commission's lump sum proposal - ICSA
Noel Bardon
The farm group stated that it is important that excessive bureaucracy is not attached to any scheme through which such funding could be delivered to farmers.
11 May 2022 News
Rural towns and villages need a 'new purpose' - Irish Rural Link CEO
Irish Rural Link is a non-profit organisation which represents over 600 community groups with a combined membership of 25,000.
6 May 2022 News
Rural Ireland is 'alive and kicking' - Humphreys
Minister for Rural Community and Development Heather Humphreys spoke at an Irish Rural Link conference on Friday.
NI to receive £127m fund to replace RDP
The new UK Shared Prosperity Fund appears to be mainly aimed at replacing the likes of the EU-funded LEADER programme.
20 April 2022 Northern Ireland