Poultry farming: highlighting the risks
Jack Kennedy
Poultry farming, whether on a small scale or large scale, poses a number of risks that need to be managed or there can be serious consequences.
11 December 2019 Farm safety
High-risk period for electricity-related accidents
Arthur Byrne, public safety manager, ESB Networks, outlines important electrical safety precautions at this time of year.
4 December 2019 Renewables
The Dingle project – transitioning to a low carbon energy system
The three-year innovative project is trialling new technologies that aims to develop a smart, resilient, low carbon electricity network. Darren Carty speaks to project manager John Fitzgerald.
Health and safety demo highlights the risks
A health and safety demonstration took place at Macroom Mart recently highlighted the risks associated with farm machinery, livestock handling and chainsaw safety.
27 November 2019 News
Change in weather brings feeding equipment out earlier
Farmers may have had plans to carry out some remedial works on equipment, which now need to be fast tracked to ensure optimum working performance and avoid health and safety risks.
9 October 2019 Farm safety
Milking your way to safety
Organised farmers who have learned from mistakes of the past are often good to expose lessons for others, writes Jack Kennedy.
25 September 2019 Milk quality
Safe Family Farms: reader questions answered
Darren Carty sums up some of the answers to questions received from readers in recent weeks.
18 September 2019 Farm safety
ESB Networks – connecting communities at the National Ploughing Championships
Jane Moloney, marketing specialist with ESB Networks, summarises a busy programme of events taking place on the ESB Networks stand.
11 September 2019 Farm safety
Tighter window for field work increases risk of accidents
Farmers and contractors are being forced to work in a stop-start manner with recent weather and an unfavourable forecast imposing longer working days when weather allows work to take place.
28 August 2019 Farm safety
Transporting grain and bales safely
There have been a number of incidents in recent weeks of straw and hay bales going up in flames during transport or loads becoming undone.
7 August 2019
Safe Family Farms: safeguarding yourself at a show
Shane Murphy looks at how to ensure your safety when it comes to animal transportation and handling on show day.
31 July 2019 Pedigree
Safe Family Farms: safety is paramount for upcoming hedge-cutting season
With the hedge-cutting season fast approaching, farmers and contractors need to be aware of the dangers involved with hedge cutting.
24 July 2019 News