Seed trade promotes excellence in January seminars
Andy Doyle
In an effort to help promote excellence in tillage farming, plus the use of Irish certified seed, the Irish Seed Trade Association is to hold a number of seminars later in January.
3 January 2018 News
Grain Growers and seed meetings coming up
The Irish Grain Growers is holding a public meeting and the Irish Seed Trade Association is to conduct seminars on excellence in tillage farming and the use of Irish certified seed.
20 September 2017 Community
Macra attends the Rural Youth Europe conference
As Rural Youth Europe prepares for its 60th anniversary, Macra president James Healy attended its special conference last week.
Macra at the European Rally 2017
Every year, recipients of gold leadership distinction awards (LDAs) are given the chance to participate in a number of travel opportunities abroad.
30 August 2017 Community
Brexit was a strong theme at Cereals 2017
The inevitable implications of Brexit will result in many challenges for UK cereal producers but some look forward to the opportunities that may ensue, writes Stephen Robb.
5 July 2017 News
Teagasc malting barley seminars
Two malting barley seminars organised by Teagasc will provide important information for all malting barley growers next week.
8 February 2017 News
Free entry to Livestock Event 2016
There will be free entry for all visitors to the Livestock Event 2016 at the NEC in Birmingham on 6 and 7 July.
22 June 2016 Northern Ireland
Pedigree Calf Fair to be repeated in 2016
Organisers of last weekend's Pedigree Calf Fair and Beef NI Expo have said they are very pleased the inaugural event and plan to hold it again next year.
18 November 2015 News
Improving efficiencies at Beef NI Expo
The inaugural pedigree calf fair at the Beef NI Expo is to take place next Saturday in Belfast, with a focus on improving efficiencies on beef farms to increase financial and physical performance.
4 November 2015 News
What's On week commencing 25 April 2015
See below your guide to what's happening in the farming community around the country this week.
22 April 2015 News
A week of new beginnings, especially in the dairy sector
For the first time in 31 years, the shackles are off and doing what we are good at - producing milk - can go full speed ahead
1 April 2015 Mairead
IFA news and activities this week
IFA news updates and activities, including farm funding, dairy seminars, NPWS meeting and farm safety.
1 April 2015 Community