Clipex: Australian designed fencing ideal for Irish conditions
While Clipex fencing has been on the Irish market now for five years, it has recently begun to gain huge traction among drystock and dairy farmers in search of a long-term fencing solution.
27 April 2022 Infrastructure
TAMS II reference costs increase by 5% to 15%
Farm organisations are calling for the Department to update reference costs on a continual basis with calls also to use revised reference costs for tranche 25.
27 April 2022 Infrastructure
Greater scrutiny being placed on farm investments
With higher spending being apportioned to rising input costs such as fertiliser and feed, farmers are putting more consideration into investment in farm infrastructure.
10% to 15% increase in TAMS reference costs for sheep equipment
The reference costs for sheep fencing are 10% higher, while sheep equipment costs are 15% higher with the exception of EID readers and recording systems, which have not moved.
16 April 2022 News
259-acre west Cork farm for lease
A 259-acre farm available for lease near Dunmanway has attracted strong interest, including from outside the county bounds.
17 February 2022 News
‘Clear discrimination’ against farmers on designated land
The INHFA has requested a meeting with the NPWS to try and resolve the issue which centres around TAMS and sheep fencing.
16 February 2022 News
Beef management: Five farm maintenance jobs for winter
Late autumn and winter is a good time to carry out some farm maintenance work. Outlined are five jobs that apply to most farms.
20 November 2021 Management
TAMS reference cost change for 65 investment items
The Department’s reference cost listing has been increased for 62 investment items and for an applicant’s own labour, while it has been reduced for three investment items.
4 August 2021 Buildings
€246m in TAMS grant aid paid out to farmers over the last five years
To date, €246m worth of grant aid under TAMS has been paid to 17,900 farmers by the Department of Agriculture.
30 December 2020 Schemes
Sheep fencing tops TAMS sheep farmer submissions
Sheep fencing is ranked in seventh position in the top 10 most popular investments in TAMS II.
22 December 2020 Farm buildings
Investment in livestock handling holding strong
Manufacturers and suppliers of handling equipment report a marked increase in sales which is driven by expansion in dairy herds and part-time enterprises looking to improve labour efficiency.
22 December 2020 Farm buildings
TAMS clarity relieves pressure on applications
Planners report that the announcement that tranche 19 of TAMS II will open on 22 August 2020 is already giving farmers more leeway to plan applications in a more orderly fashion.
10 August 2020 Buildings