Camera at the Mart: big jump in numbers in Tuam Mart
Darren Carty
There were 1,300 lambs and over 200 cull ewes on offer, with a vibrant trade in recent weeks and keen demand from factory agents enticing more farmers to show sheep live.
30 November 2022 Markets
Sheep mart prices: higher prices enticing numbers to marts
Many mart managers reported an unexpected increase in the number of sheep on offer, with some producers taking advantage of a vibrant trade and opting to show sheep live.
23 November 2022 Markets
View from the marts: fleshed lambs up €8 to €10 but light lambs struggle
The 20c/kg to 30c/kg increase in factory prices has ignited the live trade, with factory agents locking horns with butcher buyers.
Sheep mart prices: improved dead trade fuelling live trade
The trade for finished lambs has increased anywhere from €4 to €10 on the previous week, with factory agents displaying a much keener appetite for finished lambs.
23 November 2022 Markets
Sheep Mart Watch: store lamb price differential widens
Demand for forward or short-keep store lambs has been helped by earlier housing of beef cattle, but prices for light store lambs continue to struggle.
9 November 2022 Markets
Camera at the Mart: keenest demand for forward stores in Baltinglass
Well-presented lowland and continental-cross lambs weighing 38kg to 44kg sold from €2.60/kg to €2.80/kg on average.
7 November 2022 Markets
Sheep mart prices: liveweight of lambs lower year on year
The number of well-fleshed lambs appearing in sales is reducing, while many managers are reporting lambs being presented at a lower liveweight compared with previous years.
26 October 2022 Markets
Subsidy sought for feeding hill lambs
Demand for light hill lambs has collapsed leaving Scottish Blackface lambs weighing less than 28kg selling below the €2/kg mark and as low as €1.60/kg to €1.70/kg.
19 October 2022 News
Sheep mart prices: significant variation between regions
Sales in hill areas are proving more challenging, especially for store lambs, while there are also differences in prices paid for lowland lambs within regions.
19 October 2022 Markets
Sheep Mart Watch: plenty of demand for fleshed lambs
While agents are trying to purchase lambs at the lowest price possible, they are keen not to let any lambs go home from sales unsold.
12 October 2022 Markets
Sheep price update: Base quotes unchanged at €6/kg to €6.20/kg
A high percentage of quality assured lambs are trading in a price range from €6.20/kg to €6.40/kg, with only small numbers outside this range.
3 October 2022 Markets
Sheep mart prices: lamb prices firm to tune of €2 to €5/head
Supplies of heavier, well-fleshed lambs are reported as being particularly tight and this is inserting more competition into the trade between butcher and wholesale buyers.
17 August 2022 Markets