Irish farmer in Ukraine ‘doubling down’ to produce more food
Barry Murphy
An Irish man says that despite the challenges and uncertainty facing Ukraine, he plans to continue to invest in his farm there and diversify the food it produces.
30 March 2022 News
Badger cull targeted for autumn
The plan in NI is to follow the model from England where badgers are culled by controlled shooting.
27 February 2022 News
Consultation opens for annual wild bird shooting derogation
The current derogation allowing for the control of certain wild bird species is due to expire on 30 April 2022.
Man shot on farmland in Dublin
A man, aged in his early 50s, was arrested at the scene and is being detained at Tallaght Garda station.
22 February 2022 News
Wicklow gardaí ‘waiting’ for Department report on sheep shooting
Video evidence has emerged of the sheep shooting activity in Wicklow and farmers in the county continue their call for action.
12 January 2022 News
Almost 500 livestock worrying incidents reported in two years
There were 82 livestock worrying incidents in Cork in 2020, figures from the Department of Rural Affairs show.
28 December 2021 News
Irish sheep shooting tours promoted in Las Vegas
Photos of more than 50 sheep which had been stalked and shot by predominantly American tourists were viewable on Facebook and tagged in various locations around Ireland.
8 December 2021 News
Guided sheep shooting tours being offered
The Irish Farmers Journal has sought clarity from the Department of Agriculture as to whether or not welfare, food chain, disease control and flock ownership criteria apply to the shot sheep.
1 December 2021 News
Livestock shot by trophy hunters in Roscommon
The Irish Farmers Journal reviewed and monitored a number of online groups and pages and found evidence of guided sheep, goat and deer trophy hunting tours elsewhere in Ireland.
26 November 2021 News
Three dead following shooting incident in rural Kerry
Gardaí are investigating the incident, which happened close to Lixnaw in north Co Kerry on Tuesday night.
8 September 2021 News
UFU won’t sign up to DAERA TB plan
The proposals to cut payments for reactor animals are unacceptable to the UFU.
11 August 2021 News
30 years to rid NI of bovine TB
New proposals on bovine TB in NI are the first step in a long-term journey to eradication.
21 July 2021 News