Climate and environment
Carbon initiatives can help you even more than the environment
Andy Doyle
As we move into a new era of obligatory emission reductions, it is important to realise that increased carbon accumulation in the soil can be worth even more to crop profitability.
Optimising pre- and post-grazing sward heights for beef cattle
Maximising performance at pasture has a huge effect on age at slaughter and therefore GHG emissions from beef systems. Declan Marren reports.
New Zealand farmers make their own plan on reducing carbon emissions
Professor Gerry Boyle is impressed at how New Zealand farmers are creating their own climate reductions proposal.
College bursaries of €1,000 available to Glanbia suppliers’ families
These bursaries will be very welcome for those who are applying to study agricultural science as costs continue to rise.
22 June 2022 News
Lighthouse farms: a global classroom and laboratory
The global lighthouse farms series has shone a light on the many ways in which farmers around the world have adapted their farming systems to meet the needs of tomorrow, reports Rogier Schulte.
Improving biodiversity for higher payments and better drinking water quality
Decisions we make now can impact potential income from specific agri-environmental schemes in the years ahead, writes David McGilloway of the Department of Agriculture.
Deadline approaching to apply for Glanbia Sustainable Farming Academy
Get your applications in for the Sustainable Farming Academy before the end of the month.
Farming the solution to becoming carbon neutral
Policies and frameworks need to change if farmers are to start contributing substantially to sequestering carbon.
Changing the equation on ruminants
Lighthouse Farms provide inspirational stories of farmers around the world finding new ways to survive and tackle new challenges. This is also true of the Irish Lighthouse Farm, writes Rogier Schulte.
Carbon measurement and verification on the agenda
In a preview to next week's livestream we see what viewers can look forward to finding out about carbon sequestration.
Beneficial changes are being accelerated by policy
While tillage farming is increasingly accepted as being best in class on emissions, there is always more that can be done as profitability can run parallel to sustainability.
Farmers can’t take 'wait-and-see' approach to fodder
Farmers are dramatically cutting back on fertiliser rates. Something needs to be done to make up for this.