Disc coulters providing accurate placement for Carlow contractor
Peter Thomas Keaveney
Peter Thomas Keaveney visited Carlow farming and contracting father and son duo Dan and John O’Neil to find out how their Amazone 3m one-pass has performed after its first two seasons.
21 February 2024 TAMS
TAMS aid not to be ignored when it comes to on-farm investment
While there is increased paperwork and costs with applying for grant aid, TAMS isn’t something that should be ignored by farmers.
31 January 2024 Buildings
VAT debacle explained: examining what has changed with VAT and farm investments
With the confusion surrounding VAT and a recent change in views by Revenue, Martin Merrick looks at what exactly has changed regarding VAT reclaims.
Well-ventilated calf shed ticking the box on Galway dairy farm
Darragh Callanan is in his second year of using his TAMS-spec calf shed, with a major increase in calf health seen. Martin Merrick reports.
24 January 2024 Calves