Tom Vilsack – a man with unfinished business
Justin McCarthy
As Tom Vilsack returns to the White House as US secretary for agriculture, we look back on an exclusive interview with the Irish Farmers Journal in 2014.
11 November 2020
Change in America will be more style than substance
The new US president may be less confrontational than his predecessor but there will be no major change in US policy.
8 November 2020 News
What a Biden presidency will mean for Irish and US farmers
Phelim O’Neill looks at how the next US president will affect prices Irish farmers receive.
Trump v Biden: why Irish farmers should be watching the US election
Phelim O’Neill looks at how the next US president will affect prices Irish farmers receive.
2 November 2020
US presidential election
The US president has had to repay farmers to compensate for the damage caused by his trade disputes
1 October 2020 World
Phil Hogan: what faces the new Trade Commissioner?
Phelim O'Neill reports from Brussels on what outgoing Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan’s would face if as expected his appointment as Trade commissioner is confirmed.
10 September 2019
Brexit reality hitting UK farmers
People's Vote campaign latest to warn about the consequences of a no-deal Brexit while US farm bureau leader rejects trade deal without agriculture.
17 August 2019
Hormone-free beef quota
Announcement of ring fencing 35,000t of the hormone-free beef quota for the US solves that problem for now.
16 June 2019
Trade turbulence and tariff policy
The US president may have been in Ireland this week but we are still vulnerable to his tariff policies.
5 June 2019
Brexit: the reality of trade deals is becoming apparent
Publication this week of its terms and conditions for a free trade deal negotiation by the US is a reminder of the road that lies ahead for the UK in trade negotiations.
2 March 2019
Trump's trade deals
Instead of building a wall with Mexico, the US president has concluded a trade deal, and there will be more.
10 October 2018
Keep the best of the EU on exit
There are plenty of things wrong with the EU but Scotland should cherry pick PGI's or an alternative to protect the integrity of the Scotch brand
3 October 2018