Farm Programmes
Building toward a mid-September peak
Ciarán Lenehan
Growth has come back again this week on our measuring beef farms
12 July 2017 BETTER Farm
Growth is good and set to continue
We're at the point in the year when our grass growth curve traditionally begins its descent, however, in the short-term there are no signs of a reduction in growth.
Feeding meal to calves – is it necessary?
The question of feeding meal to calves came up in conversation at a number of discussion group meetings lately. Aidan Brennan questions if it is necessary.
Beef management: dairy X calves
Many suckler farmers have tested the water rearing some dairy x beef calves over the past few months, alongside their suckler enterprise.
7 June 2017 Management
Beef management: breeding in May
This week beef editor Adam Woods takes a look at grass management in May, breeding targets and getting ready for second-cut fertiliser.
24 May 2017 Management
Feeding the newly purchased calf
It is important the newly purchased calf is transferred on to the rearing system gradually in order to avoid any digestive upsets.
12 February 2017 Management
Watch: how to fill in an e-Profit Monitor
Matthew Halpin goes through the steps involved in completing an e-Profit Monitor and outlines the importance of evaluating your farm's financial performance.
8 February 2017 Management
Sucklers in 2017: adjust and refocus
Beef editor Adam Woods outlines this week's special suckler focus and profiles some of the articles contained in it.
1 February 2017 Sucklers
Watch: how to weigh cattle properly
Matthew Halpin outlines best practice for weighing cattle and asks farmers why they weigh their stock.
25 January 2017 Management
Planning 2017 - will margins drive change?
Completing a profit monitor is one of the first steps in driving efficiency changes on your farm. Adam Woods takes a look at the profit monitor process.
21 December 2016 Planning for Profit
Beef management: winter finishing
As we enter a busy period on winter-finishing farms, we look at assessing animals that are fit for slaughter
30 November 2016 Management
Metaldehyde and slugs – the challenges
Metaldehyde is an important input in agricultural systems. It is said to only affect molluscs, is nearly 100 years old, has no risk of resistance and was originally used as an energy source.
16 November 2016 Protection