Katherine’s Country: the championships are back
Katherine O'Leary
In a time in which everything is changing, the GAA is giving some semblance of normality and entertainment. Katherine O’Leary pays tribute to the GAA
5 June 2019 Living Life
TV: right here, right now
NowTV has attracted a lot of customers of late, but what exactly does it offer, how much bang do you get for your buck and how does it compare similar sites? Anne O’Donoghue reports
13 February 2019 Living Life
Are you a television star in the making?
Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and while having your problems solved, why not become a TV sensation? writes Anne O’Donoghue
Farming on the small screen
Straywave Media are developing a documentary series based on a family-run farming business in Ireland.
11 December 2013 Around the country
A weekly roundup of the goings-on in your favourite soaps
It’s just another week in Soapland as sex, lies and murder take over our TV screens
13 November 2013 Soapwatch