‘Despite reports, I do not feel like someone is sticking a nail into my brain’
Amii McKeever
Behind masks are the smiling faces of the people making the COVID-19 test more bearable for the rest of us. The system is pretty fine tuned writes Amii McKeever
24 January 2018 News
Letter: Frustrated over delay removing TB reactors
"It took four weeks to remove my TB reactors" – name and address with the editor.
10 January 2018 News
Brucellosis testing reduced in beef herds
The change is part of a gradual dismantling of brucellosis testing requirements in NI.
Vets highlight safety concerns about TB test
A potentially serious accident has prompted questions about the procedure used by DAERA to audit private vets out on farms testing cattle.
26 October 2016 News
Soil tests stimulate a doubting mind
Co Down farmer Derek Robinson has acted to replace nutrients on the back of soil analysis but questions if the cost is justified.
14 September 2016 News
Journal vet: The cost of bull Infertility
Testing a bull is the best way to ensure cows get in calf.
2 September 2015 Breeding & health
Advice on safe use of Reglone for potato desiccation
There is always some downside to good weather. While most places have received a fair bit of rain in recent weeks, land is still dry in most areas.
9 October 2013 Crops
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30 November -0001 Diversification