McConalogue was the inevitable appointment
Pat O'Toole
Following the ill-fated appointments of Barry Cowen and Dara Calleary, Micheál Martin turned to the likeable Donegal man who might always have been the farmer's choice.
21 March 2018 Dealer
Fodder scheme bother
With only nine applications to date, the fodder transport scheme is falling far short of helping farmers in need.
21 March 2018 News
Less than half of tillage crisis fund monies paid
Of the 167 farmers who applied to the Weather-Related Crop Loss Support Measure, over half have yet to be paid.
€314,000 paid in crop loss compensation
The latest figures from the Department of Agriculture show that to date, some €314,000 has been paid out under the weather-related crop loss compensation scheme.
17 January 2018 News
Tillage crisis fund payments being finalised
The first tranche of payments under the tillage crisis fund are being finalised, the Department of Agriculture has said.
22 November 2017 News
160 farmers apply to tillage crisis fund
The deadline for the Weather Related Crop Loss Support Measure has now passed.
30 August 2017 News
Tillage crisis fund criticised
Fund for tillage farmers whose 2016 harvest was decimated described as "anti-farmer".
16 August 2017 Letters
Tillage crisis fund opens at last
With harvest 2017 in full swing, the compensation scheme for last year's harvest losses in Cork and western counties is open for applications.
26 July 2017 News
Goodwill must be brought back to KT – Healy
If the KT scheme is to survive, farmers must have good will toward it again, IFA president Joe Healy has told the Irish Farmers Journal.
23 July 2017 News
Tillage crisis fund: the reaction
With the much anticipated tillage crisis fund details finally revealed, the Irish Farmers Journal gets reaction from tillage farmers around Ireland on the long-awaited scheme.
20 July 2017 News
Tillage talks marathon suggests slow Brexit
The protracted tillage crisis fund negotiations do not auger well for a speedy Brexit.
19 July 2017 News
Irish Farmers Journal nightly news: tillage crisis fund details revealed
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19 July 2017 News