Katherine's Country- being kind brings so much pleasure
Katherine O'Leary
Katherine hosts a Kitchen Party for her soon to be daughter in law, Elaine. It’s all go in the O’Leary household in the run up to Colm and Elaine’s wedding.
Katherine's Country- a ruby wedding
No matter what happened, we were and are still very happy and that is the joy of marriage writes Katherine O’Leary as she and her husband, Tim celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary.
Make your mental health a priority
A session at the recent European Dairy Farmer’s conference entitled ‘Be Aware of your Mental Health.’ was chaired by Katherine O’Leary. “If you are feeling unwell, talk to someone".
Farmers, processors, industry, research and advisory in agreement
Dr Patrick Wall, Professor of Public Health in UCD took the podium at the European Dairy Farmers conference and focused us on the message that we deliver to the public writes Katherine O’Leary.
Katherine's Country- finally it rains
After several weeks of dry weather and consequently slower grass growth, the rain has finally come. Good growth and higher grass yields are just around the corner, writes Katherine O’Leary.
29 June 2022 Katherine O'Leary
Katherine’s Country: back to Bloom
Katherine O’Leary takes a trip to Bord Bia Bloom and is delighted with the offering of gardens and food stalls. New ideas have her back on her knees weeding!
15 June 2022 Katherine O'Leary
Katherine's Country: a visit to Chelsea Flower Show
Following a visit to Chelsea Flower Show, Katherine O’Leary writes “we are going to garden differently. We will preserve and enhance the biodiversity on our farms and in our gardens.”
Katherine 's Country: Tipp out and exams looming
Katherine O’Leary encourages families to be exam ready. Tell your children that you love them as they jump out of that car, she writes.
25 May 2022 Features
Katherine's Country: Dairygold approach farm safety in a different way
Dairygold Co-op held a Farm Safety Event with a difference. Katherine O’Leary believes that this dramatic production has the power to invoke cultural change around wellness and safety on farms.
Kathrine's Country: back to championship hurling
“We are starting to relax in crowded situations. Our old habits are returning. I’m surprised at how quickly it is all happening,”
Katherine’s Country: from calving to breeding
Breeding time on the farm is upon us. It is important to get it right, writes Katherine O’Leary.
Katherine's Country: life goes on
It is important to plan for the time when you have to be away from the farm. While navigating grief, Katherine O’Leary realises that life is different and changed.
27 April 2022 Katherine O'Leary