Mercosur standoff
Phelim O'Neill
EU and Mercosur are still working to establish each other's bottom line.
31 January 2018
EU-Mercosur trade deal – where now?
Political discussions in Brussels this week will give a clear indication if a deal is on the table.
24 January 2018 Dealer
Development of global trade
Global trade is shaped by the 164 member World Trade Organisaiton, not the EU
Time for 'heavy lifting' on Mercosur deal
EU lead trade negotiator on Mercosur Sandra Gallina told the European Parliament's International Trade committee that it is now down to the heavy lifting to close the deal.
24 January 2018
Trade is a two-way street - USDA
All eyes at the Oxford Farming Conference were on the political session where trade post-Brexit was the dominating theme, Odile Evans reports.
10 January 2018 Scotland
Global meat market movements
Following our previous look at sheepmeat trade, beef and pigmeat are also widely traded at a global level.
3 January 2018 Scotland
Trade talks to take centre stage in 2018
The UK failed to make the most of current trading opportunities, meaning it has a lot of work to do post-Brexit.
27 December 2017 News
Taxing times – austerity grips Greek agriculture
In Part one of a focus on Greece, Sofia Spirou, a journalist based in Athens, reports on the challenges facing farmers.
13 December 2017 Global Trade
Market trends: strong beef trade except for steak meat
Strong forequarter and roasting market driving beef trade, but weak steak demand remains a drag.
13 December 2017 Markets
Special UK Brexit deal challenged
Just as there is a challenge to the EU - UK deal on quota allocation to WTO, the potential exists for similar on any special trade deal for the UK with the EU after Brexit
13 December 2017 Scotland
News in-brief from Northern Ireland
More dairy farmers becoming farm-assured and factories increase lamb prices.
22 November 2017 News
Insight: ensuring future UK ag policy complies with WTO rules
Even when the UK leaves the EU, there will still be rules for international trade that are made by the WTO
8 November 2017