EU-US TTIP trade deal back on the agenda
Phelim O'Neill
After widely dismissing all trade deals, US president Donald Trump looks set to restart talks between the EU and the US.
13 July 2016 World
TTIP agreement in 2016 is 'unrealistic'
Despite the 14th round of TTIP disucssions taking place in Brussels this week, the feeling is growing that a deal is becoming less likely.
4 May 2016 News
Major blow to TTIP negotiations
French president François Hollande says "Non" following leak of EU classified documents on the trade negotiations.
Is the WTO deal just an attempt to remain relevant?
Kerrygold butter continues to incur significant tariffs on imports into the US while the potential to develop the market for Irish cheddar is hampered through careful quota management measures.
22 December 2015 Editorial
50,000t of US beef is price of TTIP deal
EU will have to give US same concession on beef imports that it gave to Canada if a TTIP deal is to be reached.
21 October 2015 News
ABP boss warns against TTIP
The chief exeuctive of the ABP Food Group has raised concerns for the beef sector over a protential trade deal with Europe and America.
29 July 2015 News
Minister O’Neill monitoring TTIP
Agriculture Minister closely monitoring ongoing negotiations between US and EU
3 June 2015 Northern Ireland
AgBiz report: Dynamics of global trade in a flatter world
As China continues its rise to compete head-on with the US, the multilateral global financial institutions will face competition from new groups with the interests of developing nations at heart.
IFA sets out its stall in EU US trade talks
The IFA met on Tuesday to announce its strategy for lobbying on a trade deal between Europe and the US.
25 March 2015 News
Hogan hopeful of US trade deal movement
Officials from Europe are hopeful to make progress on a trade deal with the United States prior to the US presidential elections in 2016.
18 February 2015 News
Beef exports to the US to recommence
Beef exports from Ireland to the US to recommence after 15 year exodus.
7 January 2015 Editorial
Lower oil price should help cut costs in 2015
IFA economist Rowena Dwyer assesses the outlook for Irish farmers and agriculture for the year ahead.
30 December 2014 News