Covid-19: wash hands, watch for symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, fever
Margaret Hawkins
With a growing number of coronavirus cases confirmed in Ireland, Margaret Hawkins has guidelines on how to detect it and measures to be taken should you fall ill with it.
20 September 2017 Health
Sepsis - the silent killer
Sepsis can kill very quickly, but many are unaware of its danger. Margaret Hawkins talks to Ciaran Staunton, an Irish dad living in New York, whose 12-year-old son Rorydied of sepsis in 2012
30 August 2017 Scotland
Grain treatment options
With the season starting to look catchy, this week’s mini-technical piece takes a look at some of the grain treatment options available.
Redwater incidence rising in west
Daniel McPartlin takes a look at redwater, its causes, its treatment options and how to prevent it occurring on your farm.
5 August 2017 Breeding & health
Bloat warning: three cows dead on midlands farm
There have been numerous incidences of bloat in dairy cows over the past couple of days. One farmer in the midlands lost three cows on Friday morning, and had 10 other cows that needed treatment.
5 August 2017 Breeding & health
Beef management: autumn bull finishing
This week, Adam Woods takes a look at finishing autumn-born bulls in-spec, watching out for red water and profiles the Tullamore Farm open day.
12 July 2017 Management
BHSL moves into water treatment with Hydro International acquisition
The Limerick-based company has extended its business into the wastewater and effluent treatment sector.
28 June 2017 Companies
What are the main tick-borne diseases in sheep?
The Irish Farmers Journal vet team takes a look at the tick-borne diseases found in sheep and how to control them.
13 May 2017 Management
700,000 EU citizens sign petition to stop live exports
A campaign to halt the export of live animals from European countries has gained a huge groundswell of support in recent weeks amid reports of ill treatment of animals.
12 April 2017 News
News in brief from Northern Ireland
Round up of short news pieces from the agri food industry in Northern Ireland.
29 March 2017 News
Grass tetany questions answered
Beef editor Adam Woods speaks to Cavan-based vet Finbarr Kiernan abut grass tetany in cows and how to prevent it.
19 March 2017 Breeding & health
Farmers should record and investigate lambing losses
Farmers who attended a sheep event in Cookstown last week were urged to keep records of health issues and mortalities. Peter McCann reports.
15 March 2017 News