Farm Programmes
Counting carbon on Tullamore Farm
Siobhán Walsh
Here are the soil carbon results from samples taken to 30cm on Tullamore Farm.
3 August 2022 Reseeding
Update on red clover and multispecies on Tullamore Farm
Multispecies and red clover crops were planted on Tullamore Farm in May and have been grazed once in July.
3 August 2022 Buildings
Tullamore Farm: new shed reaches completion
Our new slatted shed with a lie-back area was recently unveiled at our Beef and Sheep Open Day 2022, where we gave a full breakdown of the costs of the shed.
Choices for farmers will mean less livestock
Farmers won't be forced to cut livestock numbers, but they will be forced to achieve a 25% cut in emissions.
31 July 2022 News
Watch: all the action from Tullamore Farm open day 2022
Over 2,500 farmers flocked to the Irish Farmers Journal Tullamore Farm beef and sheep open day on Tuesday 26 July.
30 July 2022 News
Listen: Farm Tech Talk - The Livestock Show
Can a suckler and sheep farm make money if technical performance and management is very good?
29 July 2022 News
Weekly Podcast: emissions target, cull cow payment and Tullamore Farm
We get the latest on the newly agreed emissions target for agriculture, a proposal to pay farmers €5,000 per head to cull cows and farmer views at Tullamore Farm.
29 July 2022 News
Read: Tullamore Farm open day 2022
The Irish Farmers Journal's Tullamore Farm opened its gates to farmers to discuss its operating model, financials and the future of beef and sheep farming.
29 July 2022 Tullamore Farm
Payment rates 'not enough' to drive organic conversion
Recent moves to increase organic farm payments have not convinced many of a potential future in the sector, according to farmers at the Tullamore Farm open day.
27 July 2022 News
Tullamore Farm open day: what had farmers to say?
Farmers attending the Tullamore Fram open day shared their thoughts on the beef sector. Noel Bardon and Barry Murphy report.
27 July 2022 News
€1,000/ha net margin attainable on drystock farms
Adam Woods takes a look back at some of the main messages from the financial performance of Tullamore Farm at the open day this week.
27 July 2022 Management
Tullamore Farm open day: farmers eyeing organic options
Some drystock farmers with low chemical nitrogen usage have begun weighing up the option of organics.
27 July 2022 News