Katherine’s Country: the sweet relief of the vaccine
Katherine O'Leary
The blatant flouting of vaccination protocols by people who have engineered vaccines for themselves has disgusted Katherine O’Leary. The vulnerable people in our lives are being done and this is how i
Watch: How to inject cattle correctly
Ciarán Lenehan and Peter Varley outline a step-by-step guide to injecting cattle correctly
Bovilis Bovipast RSP & IBR Marker vaccines are essential practice on Cork farm.
In the two years following the change to Bovipast RSP, we lost just one animal out of 2,000 finished on the farm. We are thrilled beyond belief,” said north Cork intensive beef finisher Michael Bourke
Keeping on top of calf health this winter
Coccidiosis has been a problem in the past on the Blelock dairy farm in Co Antrim .
10 January 2018 News
Vet's corner: dosing – no longer a blanket approach
Heavy worm and fluke burdens can cause large reductions in animal performance. Vet Martha Allen discusses dosing of animals.
1 November 2017 Breeding & health
Five top tips for buying a stock bull
Adam Woods takes a look at a few important points when looking for stock bulls for the upcoming autumn breeding season.
7 October 2017 Winter AI
Vet's corner: salmonella abortions
Now is the time to vaccinate for salmonella, as abortions peak in spring-calving herds at this time of year.
20 September 2017 Breeding & health
Getting your vaccine programme ready for housing
Farmers Journal Scotland takes a look at keeping you cattle healthy once housed this Autumn.
20 September 2017 Scotland
Health plan revised after milk test results
Herd health screening is a useful tool in managing diseases and parasites. Peter McCann and Conail Keown report
6 September 2017 Dairylink
Getting castration right on beef farms
Adam Woods takes a look at different methods of castration and tips on how to get them right.
2 August 2017 Management
Prevention is better than cure
AHI and Teagasc are running a series of events around the country over the next few weeks highlighting health issues on farms. Adam Woods went along to the first event held in Meath last week.
28 June 2017 Breeding & health
Changes to bluetongue rules on the way
A European evaluation of the virus’s different strains is under way as the disease spreads northwards through France.
11 June 2017 EU