Farm Programmes
Watch: worm resistance evident in Robertstown
Ciarán Lenehan
A mini dosing trial has indicated the prevalence of resistance to some worming products on Ricky Milligan's Kildare farm.
22 January 2017 Breeding & health
Pitfalls of feeding sheep poor-quality or mouldy silage
Conditions were variable last summer for saving forage. With more ewes starting to receive supplementation, it is important to minimise disease risks of listeriosis and silage eye.
28 December 2016 Breeding & health
Vet's corner: no bull this Christmas
Kevin Meaney offers some advice on handling bulls at home.
Beware of inappropriate flukicide dosing
Inappropriate dosing with flukicide products can cause sudden deaths in apparently healthy adult sheep.
7 December 2016 Breeding & health
Five essential tips for pet health during winter
When dosing large animals upon winter housing, don't forget to take care of the smaller ones too. Vet Jennie Milligan shares some tips for winter pet health.
20 November 2016
News in brief from Northern Ireland
Agricultural workforce in NI decreases and badger culling confirmed in new areas of England
31 August 2016 News
Keeping your sheep dog healthy
With young dogs particularly at risk, it is vital to administer a vaccination and health programme to protect your dog.
13 May 2015 Sheep handling
Sheep Farming Management Notes
This week's notes cover issues around lambing, mastitis and marketing of spring lambs.
25 March 2015 Management
The needs of the newborn foal
The most important thing you can do to give your foal the best chance in life is to be there when the mare foals down, writes Dr Vivienne Duggan
12 March 2014 Breeding
Helping your mare to get back in foal
Dr Vivienne Duggan of UCD's vet college offers timely veterinary advice for all those expecting a foal this spring
12 March 2014 Breeding
Vet’s Corner: Cell counts and mastitis
This week our contributor vet Tommy Heffernan is writing about mastitis and cell count issues on farms.
30 November -0001 News
Vet's corner: dealing with the three big problems at lambing time
A number of issues can crop up during lambing season. Vet Tommy Heffernan offers his advice for how best to cope with them.
30 November -0001 Breeding & health