GDT increases slightly as weather hits NZ supply
Lorcan Allen
Wet weather in the late winter months has hit early season production in New Zealand.
Positive prices at Dutch dairy auction
Prices for dairy commodities have seen positive prices at this week's Dutch dairy auction.
12 July 2017 Markets
Dairy markets: skim powder prices back below intervention levels
Activity from dairy buyers is more subdued in Europe this month as holidays begin.
Dairy trends: GDT index rises to highest point in three years
The benchmark dairy index is now at its highest point in almost three years.
17 May 2017 Markets
Dairy trends: dynamics of powder market completely at odds
Whole milk powder prices continue to improve, while skim milk prices remain on the floor.
3 May 2017 Markets
Irish Farmers Journal breakfast bulletin: New Zealand WMP futures climb 3%
Good morning. In the news today: the IFA held its Brexit event for farmers in Goffs, a further 3,000 young bulls are shipping out to Turkey and New Zealand WMP futures have climbed 3%.
25 April 2017 News
Skim powder heading for intervention
The likelihood of SMP heading back is very real, with prices continuing to struggle.
22 March 2017 Markets
Milk powder prices tumble at this week's GDT
It has been a mixed week on the dairy markets with the GDT suffering a second consecutive fall, with Irish prices holding steady.
8 March 2017 News
Dairy trends: sticky milk powder market remains a threat
Weak buyer sentiment saw milk powder prices decline at last week’s GDT auction to drag the index lower.
1 March 2017 Markets
Dairy trends: increased WMP supply drags GDT performance
Weak buyer sentiment saw milk powder prices decline at this week’s GDT auction to drag the index lower.
22 February 2017 Markets
Ireland becomes the EU’s largest butter exporter
Shipments of butter to international markets soared by over 50% in 2016, making Ireland the largest butter exporter from the EU.
15 February 2017 Markets
Milk price up 20% in six months
While most co-ops have again increased their milk price, there appears to be a slowdown in the recovery.
18 January 2017 News