Five jobs for the Christmas period
Kieran Mailey
With family members home for Christmas, use the extra help to get some of the bigger jobs ticked off the to-do list.
10 December 2022 Management
Ten Christmas gift ideas for beef farmers
The best Christmas gifts are ones that meet a necessity and when gift buying for the farmers in the family, outlined are a few ideas to give a bit of inspiration.
13 November 2022 Newford Farm
Newford Farm update: weanling heifers gain 0.76kg/day since weaning
The 26 2022-born heifers were weighed on 7 November and recorded an average daily gain of 1.22kg from birth.
Getting a handle on housing weights for cattle
As more cattle are housed, weighing stores and weanlings will give a good insight as to offload now or winter animals on farm.
18 October 2022 Management
Farmer Writes: weighing cattle and calves
The question now for Kieran Sullivan is what to sell and what to keep to let out to grass next March.
28 September 2022 Farmer Writes
Grass+ Beef: farm covers peak as growth set to decline
The average farm cover is set to peak this week, with cooler temperatures and shortening daylight hours set to affect grass growth.
28 September 2022 Management
Bovine Plus seeks to improve accuracy of daily liveweight gain
Through weighing cattle several times a day, the Bovine Plus system is said to accurately track daily liveweight and improve overall farm efficiency.
23 September 2022 Management
ICBF hits over 3m beef weight records
A huge amount of data comes out of cattle weighing schemes to further the accuracy of breeding indexes.
7 September 2022 Dealer
Over three million beef weight recordings in Ireland since 2019
More than three million cow and calf weights have been recorded with ICBF since the start of 2019.
7 September 2022 News
Farmers 95% compliant with BEEP-S weighing
One in 20 farmers who applied for funding under the BEEP-S scheme did not receive payment due to non-compliances with the scheme conditions.
23 August 2022 News