Farm Programmes
From the Tramlines: rain stalls work in Derry, while harvest is upon others
Siobhán Walsh
There are very different stories from farmers this week. Some are preparing for harvest, while rain is stopping work for others.
3 July 2022 News
Here are the winter cereal varieties available for next season
The winter cereal seed availability figures give an indication of which varieties will be hard to get and which will be easily available next season.
29 June 2022 Soils
Growing rye on sand in north Derry
This young farmer says rye is an easy crop to grow and look after and is harvested in July helping with workload and cashflow.
Some pictures to help identify grass weeds on farm
Grass weeds are visible in many crops at present and will become more visible in the coming weeks in spring crops.
19 June 2022 News
In the Fields: growth stages, wild oats and some diseases
Weather continues to restrict growth potential but crops continue to develop, making inputs essential as flag leaves begin to appear on winter barley crops.
13 April 2022 Crops