Stretching for strength
Qualified fitness instructor John Conroy shares some of his best self-care tips for those living with osteoporosis or osteopenia.
21 April 2021 Health
Best foot forward: farmers’ feet
So much is expected of farmer's feet are they are very often the most neglected and suffering body part. Ann Bermingham chiropodist shares her best footcare advice.
21 April 2021 Health
Making your home a safer living space
Speaking to Westport-based occupational therapist, Aoife Costello, we help you decide the necessary steps on creating a more comfortable and safe living space. Irene Bermingham writes
Food: the feel-well fuel
Best known for her role on RTÉ’s Operation Transformation, Waterford native Aoife Hearne has worked as a qualified dietitian for almost 20 years. She chats to Irene Bermingham about farmers’ health.
21 April 2021 Health
Looking after your eyes and ears
Have you had an eyesight or ear test recently? If so, you are very wise. Having these check-ups can prevent a lot of health problems down the line. Margaret Hawkins writes
21 April 2021 Health
Bladder matters
Overactive bladder (OAB) can have a big impact on peoples’ lives, limiting what they can do and where they can go, but what can be done to help? Margaret Hawkins speaks to Beaumont and Mater Private consultant urologist, Ms Liza McLornan to find out
7 April 2021 Health
Light at the end of the tunnel
Stress and anxiety can take away one’s quality of life but help is available. Margaret Hawkins hears Donegal farmer Frank McMonagle’s inspiring story and also talks to GROW co-ordinator, Jerry Cronin
27 November 2019 Health
Holidaying in the ‘most toxic place in the world’
Children, travel and illness are not a great mix but young and old, male and female, we all need to watch out for our health
19 June 2019 Amii
Men's Sheds: coming together to showcase the fantastic work of men's sheds
Members from both sides of the border came together for a men’s sheds showcase this week.
26 December 2018 Features
Merry Christmas from the Men's Sheds
It’s the last day before the shed breaks up for Christmas and there are high spirits, good cheer, and tidings of comfort and joy
19 December 2018 Features
Christmas jumper season is upon us
It's that time of year again when festivities are embraced in all forms - through decorations, food and clothing
12 December 2018 Features
Sheds in the USA
From Michigan to Dungarvan, sheds are making a difference.
5 December 2018 Features