Vet's corner: no bull this Christmas
Kevin Meaney offers some advice on handling bulls at home.
14 December 2016 Breeding & health
Vet's Corner: healthy pets, healthy farm
Management of the health of farm dogs or cats is as important as herd/flock management.
16 November 2016 Breeding & health
Selective therapy can curb problems next spring
Now is the opportune time to take steps to reduce and prevent SCC problems next spring.
Journal vet: acidosis in cows at grass
This week's vet corner looks at dealing with cows with acidosis.
Nearly 50% failure rate in sheep dosing
Alarming results of dosing means changes are needed for effective parasite control in sheep.
Vet's corner: Fog fever in cattle this autumn
Mary Louise Coleman writes: Fog fever in cattle, a condition that is neither caused by fog and does not cause a fever, but what is it?
10 September 2014 Breeding & health
Journal vet: Nasty summer diseases you want to avoid
Flies, ticks, midges and an abundance of other flying and crawling creatures are multiplying fast and as vets we are seeing the down side of the fine weather in some of the animals under your care.
25 June 2014 Breeding & health
Vet's corner: The breeding season has started
It's been a good start to the dairy breeding season. But how do you ensures it continues.
Vet's corner: An Unwanted Christmas Present
Digital Dermatitis or Mortallero's disease as it is known is hard to deal with once it gets into a herd. Padraic Brennan MVB MRCVS writes about a case that occured in recent weeks.
22 January 2014 Breeding & health
Vet's Corner: The Christmas Call that the vet didn't want
People from outside the farming community have no idea of the stress and hardships that farmers sometimes have to endure, writes John Berkery*.
1 January 2014 Breeding & health
Shaking up vets for the future
Vets have to change the way they work if they want to play their part in expansion for Food Harvets 2020.
11 December 2013 News