Haemochromatosis: Iron overload
Eleanor McBennett
Are you rushing for iron supplements because you’re always feeling tired? This could be totally wrong for you if you have haemochromatosis, writes Margaret Hawkins.
4 November 2015 Health
HealthBytes - round-up of all the latest health news
Want to know how quickly you can become addicted to over-the-counter codeine products? Why blood donors are no longer having fingers pricked?
21 January 2015 Health
Take care of your diabetes
This week Margaret Hawkins gives some important pointers about correctly testing your diabetes to keep yourself well.
Herd Testing cost set to halve next year
The cost of the annual herd test is set to halve next year with the announcement of the disbandment of the Brucellosis test.
14 January 2015 Management
Afraid of going to the doctor?
Does the sight of a syringe or blood freak you out? Do you feel embarrassed at the thought of being examined by a doctor? Margaret Hawkins reports on how you can overcome your fear.
9 April 2014 Health