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Ciaran Lenehan

Young stars of the Irish Farmers Journal
You read their articles in the Journal each week: now you’ll have a chance to meet the Farmers Journal’s young stars in the flesh and hear how they carved out their careers.
By Mary Phelan on 24 March 2017
The trails and tribulations of calf health reached blockbuster proportions on the Lenehan farm with some challenging conditions and ailments.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 01 May 2016
Reliability is king - in farming and in football, writes Ciaran Lenehan.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 20 April 2016
Farmer writes: squelchy soft sod and a war chest of silage
With spring yet to spring, Ciarán Lenehan is faced with some dilemmas on farm - dilemmas he suspects are commonplace across the country.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 08 April 2016
'Precision beats power and timing beats speed' - McGregor
Applying Conor McGregor's advice to calving cows makes for a quiet spring on Ciaran Lenehan's farm.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 12 March 2016
Farmer Writes: promises, promises for everyone
Who would run for the Dáil? Having just rounded the halfway turn in the race to 50, I haven’t taken in many election campaigns – they’re not my scene.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 17 February 2016
Farmer writes: the Big Beef Short
Before watching “The Big Short”, Ciarán Lenehan had dabbled in similar (CFD) trading with fake money.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 27 January 2016
Farmer writes: don't be afraid to shop around when it comes to breeds
Looking at the AI catalogue has made Ciaran Lenehan desirous for a particularly impressive Limousin bull. But, alas, it is too late for Santa.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 29 December 2015
Farmer writes: Weaning in six days
Farmer writer Ciaran Lenehan tells us how he managed to get his calves weaned in six days. Could God do better than that?
By Ciarán Lenehan on 15 November 2015
Farmer writes: No such thing as a guaranteed vaccine
Ciarán Lenehan challenges perceptions of the effectiveness of the pneumonia vaccine for calves and asks if there is more to beef farming than just keeping the animals alive?
By Ciarán Lenehan on 24 October 2015
A Farmer Writes: I'm no machinery expert but ...
Ciaran Lenehan's thoughts turned from tractors and second-cut silage this week to what the plans are for the housing period.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 17 August 2015
Farmer writes: Breeding 2015 report card
Ciarán Lenehan writes about his almost obsessive attempt to tighten calving intervals on his farm.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 20 July 2015
Farmer writes: Think about farm safety before it's too late
A tragic accident in Ciarán Lenehan's locality has forced him to think about safety on his own farm.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 15 July 2015
Farmer writes:  Break-time chatter about the breeding season
Ciaran Lenehan talks about breeding season and how it feels almost sacrilegious to cull animals when so much effort and planning goes into breeding them.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 19 June 2015
Farmer writes: Hard to find a voice of reason in clamour over suspect BSE case
When Ciarán Lenehan first heard the news about BSE, his first reaction was to search Twitter for voices of reason amidst the sensationalist clamour.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 13 June 2015
Farmer writes: Breaking boundaries and making changes
It's been a week of change on Ciarán Lenehan's farm.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 07 June 2015
Farmer writes: New suckler scheme is good for the industry
The Beef Data and Genomics Programme (BDGP) is a positive, progressive measure to improve an industry that has become hung up on beefy, visually appealing stock, writes Ciarán Lenehan.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 01 June 2015
Farmer writes: Working towards a tight calving period
After achieving a calving period of nine weeks this year, Ciarán Lenehan hopes to tighten the spread again in 2016.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 26 May 2015
Farmer writes: The irony of weather stories and useful technology
Ciarán Lenehan was bemused this week by an article about April being the sunniest on record while rain fell outside his window. He also learned a valuable lesson when it comes to technology.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 08 May 2015
Farmer writes: What sort of beef prices will be needed in future to tread water?
This week Ciarán Lenehan is pondering beef prices and despite the good news about the suckler scheme he is still asking what kind of price the heifer born today will achieve when factory-ready.
By Ciarán Lenehan on 01 May 2015
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