Is converting to organic systems worthwhile?
Janine Kennedy
In our last edition, Janine Kennedy investigated the low rates of organic farming in Ireland compared to our EU counterparts. This week, she discusses whether conversion is truly worth your while.
3 January 2018 News
Milk supply must keep in line with demand
Farmers are being encouraged to produce more milk in NI, but at what cost?
29 November 2017 News
Dairy industry must manage supply – Hogan
Commissioner Hogan told the dairy industry to take more responsibility for ensuring milk output is in line with demand. David Wright reports.
Strong mart demand for cull cows
Prices in the marts for good-quality lots are significantly ahead of that on offer at local meat plants.
8 November 2017 News
Currency and buoyant market driving cows
Demand for manufacturing beef throughout Europe, along with favourable exchange rates, means cow beef is worth good money.
21 June 2017 Scotland
Grain prices up on the back of big EU demand
Good demand, currency and a lack of sellers are helping to drive the current price rise.
2 November 2016 Markets
National average falls by 9.9% – IFJ report 2015
The Irish Farmers Journal 2015 Land Price report reveals that the average price paid for land nationally was €8,914/acre, writes Shirley Busteed.
9 March 2016 News & features
Has the land market reached equilibrium?
Since the collapse of land values in 2009, the average price of land across the 26 counties has failed to gain any major ground over the past six years.
9 March 2016 Land Report 2015
Agricultural Land Price Report: Our facts and figures
Where we got the figures for the 2015 Irish Farmers Journal Agricultural Land Price Report and what they mean.
9 March 2016 Land Report 2015
Dairy commodity prices firm at the lower end of the scale
With December milk supply in Europe and the US holding up, the question remains where the shift in supply will come from?
9 December 2015 Markets
Milk supply still ahead of demand
A 7.4% drop in prices at the latest GDT auction reflects the fact that milk supply continues to be ahead of demand.
4 November 2015 News
Do the principles of supply and demand need to be rewritten?
With the increase of various schemes for forward selling and buying, Justin McCarthy asks if the commodity trading game is about to change.
26 August 2015 Editorial