Rural Irish have changed their drinking behaviour, study shows
Janine Kennedy
Last year's legislative change to drink driving consequences have resulted in a welcome shift in perception, writes Janine Kennedy.
22 March 2017 News
Rural isolation: ‘In the boom, the walls got higher and the gates got bigger’
Paddy Cummins blames rural isolation and loneliness on the systematic removal of rural services such as garda stations, rural GPs and transport options.
9 December 2015 Katherine O'Leary
Drink driving risk - don't take chances
Be mindful of your responsibility to the safety of others around you this Christmas, writes Katherine O’Leary.
New drink driving figures show 21% of disqualified drivers re-offend
An average of one in five motorists who have been disqualified due to drink driving have been banned at least twice, according to new figures released to Irish Country Living.
10 December 2014 Features
Paying the penalty
Over 75% of penalty points on licences in Ireland are for speeding, according to figures compiled by Irish Country Living. Aisling Hussey reports.
20 August 2014 Features