There’s a tree for every situation
We are all being encouraged to plant more trees and every garden is big enough to grow at least one tree, you just need to select the right one, writes Mary Keenan
23 March 2022 Gardening
There is no set rule to creating the perfect patio
Want a room outdoors? Fiona Alston takes a look at the many things you can pull together to create the perfect patio area in your garden.
23 March 2022 Gardening
To fence to wall or to create a green boundary?
Irene Bermingham speaks to gardener and landscaper Arthur O’Meara, about the all-important garden boundary features; from greenery and timber fencing to beloved stone walls.
To cut or not cut?
Deciding to cut the grass or not? Decide what you want from your lawn? Whether it’s a kid’s play area, a wildflower lawn for the bees or a feature, Fiona Alston has all the advice you need.
23 March 2022 Gardening
No till and cover cropping key to the regenerative garden
The prospect of abandoning digging is music to the ears of any gardener. However, ‘no-dig’ gardening is not ‘no-work’ gardening. Head gardener at Airfield Estate Colm O’Driscoll explains all.
23 March 2022 Gardening
Living Life: The Self-Sufficient Garden
Klaus Laitenberger, author, business owner and organic garden consultant shares some valuable information from his new book, The Self-Sufficient Garden
31 March 2021 Gardening
The ultimate year-round garden
Irene Bermingham speaks to Arthur O’Meara of O’Meara’s Garden Pavillion, in Co Westmeath. The award-winning centre spans a 12-acre site and grows over 70,000 plants annually
17 March 2021 Gardening
Helping your garden grow
Looking for those beautiful blue bursts of hydrangea in your garden? Andy Doyle explains the science behind soil pH and how it often dictates plant growth and colour.
10 March 2021 Gardening
Groundcare: growing a small herb garden at home
Whether you’re hoping to start growing your own produce or simply looking for a therapeutic lockdown project, growing a small herb garden is a good starting point, writes Katie Barragry.
10 March 2021 Gardening
Groundcare: ask Arthur
From farm yard walls, to blueberry bushes, Irene Bermingham asks Arthur O'Meara for answers to some of your groundcare questions.
10 March 2021 Gardening
On the wild side
Fed up of all the mowing, edging and weeding that your lawn demands, then why not abandon it and sow a wildflower meadow instead, writes Mairead Lavery.
10 March 2021 Gardening
Groundcare: caring for Croker
Stuart Wilson is at the top of his game managing the Croke Park pitch, the turf farm and his talented team, writes Gillian Richardson.
18 March 2020 Gardening