Farmer writes: Lessons from lambing season
Padraig Shevlin
Padraig Shevlin gives us an update on lambing season and shares lessons he has learned over the years.
30 November -0001 Farmer Writes
Farmer writes: the economics of make or buy
There’s pleasure in making a thing, as the saying goes, but Kieran Sullivan questions whether there’s any money to be saved along the way.
30 November -0001 News
Ewes aborting lambs after hunting hounds attack in Co Down
A sheep farmer in Co Down is facing an uncertain few weeks ahead this lambing season after a pack of hunting hounds attacked his in-lamb ewes.
Watch: the labour of lambing season
Our farmer writer Brian Nicholson talks about lambing season on his farm in Johnstown, Co Kilkenny, and the labour that is involved.
30 November -0001 News
Little bumps this lambing season at Waterfall Farm
There's always some form of hiccup every lambing season, writes Hannah Bolger.
30 November -0001 Blog
The facts behind multiple lamb births
It is the perception that litter sizes have been increasing this lambing season, but is that the reality?
30 November -0001 News